SRIS Site Record Information System will change the way you do site inspection forever! How do we know? Because SRIS just like you tell us almost everyday how their inspections are faster and more organized and the time they spend on writing reports has been reduced by hours a day!

Inspectors often lack the tools to effectively collect data in the field and are forced to rely on clipboards or notebooks. SRIS solves these challenges by providing these inspectors with intuitive mobile applications that dramatically improve their activities. Combining handheld devices, software, and web portals, inspectors can perform their tasks faster, easier, and more accurately.


SRIS was built from the ground up to address the unique requirements of outdoor site inspectors and indoor engineer professionals. It is designed to clearly and logically step through the inspection process the same way you do. Starting with the gathering of site activities around all the site locations, this invaluable PDA software tool provides a solid framework for your inspection.

SRIS allows you to provide your daily reports with significant value-add by providing instantaneous preventive issues documentation. With virtually no additional time investment on robust hand writing procedure, either during the site inspection or in the report-writing process, you can provide valuable and accurate information for the site operation.


  • Mobile Recording
    • Support on-site workers to input their diary work by using iPhone, iPad or Adnroid platform directly. The keywords can be standardized to prevent any misunderstanding and unclear data input by hand writing. The site inspected information can be synchronized immediately through mobile connection such as GPRS and the engineers and inspectors can view the consolidated immediately through their reporting tools or web browser.
  • Reporting Tools
    • SRIS provides reporting tools for engineers and inspectors for further project analysis and claims process. The activities and used resources in different site positions will be consolidated and calculated automatically and the reporting format will be standardized and synchronized with the presentation provided by government.
  • InnoDoc Integration
    • SRIS integrated with InnoDoc system and user can search the site activities and related information through web browser easily. Site photo can also be uploaded into the InnoDoc system and linked with the daily site activities generated from the SRIS system.