InnoDoc Electronic Document Management System
In Hong Kong construction market, InnoDoc is the most powerful and secured web-based Document Management System. Implementing InnoDoc for your project means all document, communication and delegation can be managed in ONE agreed and consistent platform and securely accessed from everywhere. Our InnoDoc solution is a web-based Document management system which enables organization to effectively manage its documents, created and updated by different people throughout the organization, through a single common platform that is secured and friendly facebook-like user interface. Our InnoDoc also allows users to share, send and receive documents, delegate actions and leave comments. Different access rights are controlled by administration level users.


  • Automate operational process
    Provide an effective filing and routing mechanism that helps you to reduce the human resources for robust operational process.
  • Enhance operational efficiency
    Provide an intelligent document search that helps you to response their customers in the fastest way. User can put the right information in the hands of the right person.
  • Centralize managing the hardcopies and electronic files
    InnoDoc allows you to manage scanned image, ms office documents, email and faxes in an off-site repositories and access the information anytime and anywhere through web browser easily.
  • High security protects the information in your organization
    InnoDoc helps company to prevent unauthorized with function rights, access controls and audit trails that protect your confidential documents in a high security environment.
  • Reduce the cost of using papers and storage area
    InnoDoc helps company to reduce filing and retrieval costs by capturing hardcopies from different types of scanning device automatically. Company can then reclaim office space for other productive activities.


  • System Login:
    Unique user ID and password for each user ensures adequate security control on documents. Each user sees different folder structure and documents according to their access rights.
  • Full Text & Advanced Search:
    User can search the documents with any criteria which the text may appear in the documents or profiles. Also, user can search specifically the profile information which was inputted by the user during uploading the files. User can perform further search with additional criteria within the searched result. (Search within search)
  • Template Management:
    User can create document types and profile fields through web interface easily. Each profile field can be assigned to multiple document types and document type can be categorized to a particular project.
  • Security Management:
    The access right control is flexible enough for any security consideration. InnoDoc comes with built-in security control from folder level down to individual document.
  • Document Distribution:
    User can distribute documents to different users and post comments. Each user has his/her personal In tray for storing his/her own documents.
  • Audit Trail and Version Control:
    Document version history provides an audit trail of every document and profile activity. Every time when a user tries to re-upload a file and replace an existing document, the user can determine whether to keep the old version in the system or not.
  • Document Linking and Relationship:
    If some documents are related, users can make links between them easily. The links can be in single or duplex way.
  • Document Commenting and Markup:
    User can add comments or even raise a discussion on a document. By integrating the InnoDoc Markup Module, user with the appropriate rights are free to mark up / view the images.
  • Document Management:
    • Online library allows you to upload your files at the online location specified by the administrator, and any intended viewer can download it.
    • You can create categories for documents, and also assign the documents in any folder. All such folders can be set to be viewed by desired people in the group. User can preview the document when navigating the documents in folder and searching result
    • Replication Module allowing multiple sites/ office document synchronization