Adaptive User InterfaceIA will maximise your coverage, adjust and show your publication on any device from PC to phones by combining HTML5, HTML4 and Flash.

Interactive AnnotationsLet your users comment, draw and highlight sections of your documents and save away these annotations in a database.

Touch Gesture SupportOur document viewers support the full range of gestures to allow your visitors to fully interact with your documents on their touch-enabled device.

Easy To Use APIIA exposes a whole range of methods and events through an easy to use Javascript API so that you can integrate the viewer into your application or web page.

Full Text SearchLet your users search your documents in full without forcing them to download the whole document.

Customizable and SkinnableTweak the design until it's your own. Change background, panel colors and icons.

Add Interactive ElementsEngage with your audience by adding interactive elements to your publications like videos, images and links.

Truly Retina ReadyIA allows your visitors to zoom in to your publications and retain crisp quality even on retina-enabled devices.

100% PrivacyStay in full control over how your documents are published and displayed. None of our servers are involved in distributing your content.